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TrendplankTM is an innovative cladding profile, manufactured with a fine shadowline separating each board. TrendplankTM is fundamental when designing an iconic masterpiece, in modern architecture. The dimension of this natural timber cladding profile provides depth & warmth of which there is no substitute. These profile designs have been carefully thought over, to provide minimum water retention and increased durability in every aspect. With our innovative concealed fixed design, there are no unsightly nails or screws which provide a blemish free surface. With our extensive resources and industry knowledge, and our Mortlock Quality assurance, you won’t be disappointed.

Breathtaking beauty

Nothing compares with the warmth and natural beauty of timber.

Faster installation

Its innovative profile design ensures you can fit it together quickly & correctly at ease.

Energy Efficient

Timber requires much less energy to produce over against energy intensive materials such as steel, aluminium and concrete.

Eco Friendly

Timber is one of the most renewable resources known to man. Our timber is sourced from only renewable and certified suppliers.


Our “Pre-Finishing” process means that the product is coated 4 sides with High quality timber preservative prior to delivery, this increases the stability of each plank by providing protection all four surfaces. For more information, please refer to the specification.

Cost effective

With is faster installation time & and the option of Pre-Finishing, you can save dramatically on labour.

Custom Profile Design

To help you achieve your dreams, our cutting edge production facility, experience, knowledge in timber, and access to global suppliers, enables us to produce almost profile you can think of in a huge range of species.


Can be used for multiple applications such as Exterior Façade, Ceiling Lining, Interior Lining, Feature walls Fencing and gates, the list is endless.

Mortlock Quality

Our quality control system assures you are getting a product of high standard, on time, every time.



  • Standard range comes in Jarrah, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum or Pacific Teak
  • Other timber species are available on request (please contact us to find out more)
  • Standard sizes: 120×18, (120mm Cover, 133 overall width)
  • Custom profiles & sizes available
  • The product shall be factory pre-coated on both sides with clear Cutek CD50 preservative treatment for protection during installation
  • The fasteners shall be stainless steel screws supplied by Mortlock Timber Group
  • The product shall be fully coated at the completion of the project with one coat of pre-coloured Cutek CD50 (insert colour) as supplied by Mortlock Timber Group


Colour Options

  • All timber products should be acclimatised as required onsite to ensure moisture and temperature equilibrium with the surrounding environment prior to installation.
  • The cladding shall be installed (insert either horizontally or vertically)
  • The sub-frame shall be level and aligned and installed perpendicular to cladding direction over water-proof membrane at 450mm centres.
  • A breathable cavity shall be allowed for behind the cladding. To provide a completely serviceable external façade it is necessary to ensure that the wall cavity behind the cladding is able to allow any moisture ingress to evaporate and drain away. If the wall cavity is to be open to the weather
    during the cladding installation it is very important to prevent rain from entering the wall cavity. Wall cavities are not designed to drain large amounts of water and it is likely that the back of the cladding boards will be in prolonged contact with moisture which will cause extreme expansion and cupping.
  • The end stops and corner profiles shall be installed as required and fixed at 450mm centres by pilot drilling and screwing with countersunk stainless steel screws
  • The cladding shall be fixed at 450mm centres by pilot drilling and screwing with countersunk stainless steel screws evenly spaced from board edges.
  • The cladding shall be cleaned and maintained as required to avoid any accumulation of surface contaminants and to maintain the desired performance and appearance.