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Satinplank timber lining is a high quality range of timber lining products which are precision machined from sustainably managed species and beauty of natural timber with minimal maintenance. Comprising of precision machined tongue and groove lining boards and proprietary trim profiles, Mortlock timber lining is milled from genuine timber species such as Jarrah, Spotted Gum, & Pacific Teak. Installed to timber battens with adhesive and stainless brads, Mortlock timber lining has a V-joint secret-nail profile for much faster installation.

  • Suitable for all non-exposed applications
  • Alfresco & patio ceilings, balconies, soffits and interior wall panelling
  • Rich variation & warmth of real timber (not stained imitation wood)
  • Premium grade hardwood
  • Kiln-dried for optimum stability
  • Secret-fix to battens with adhesive and 25mm brads
  • Popular V-joint profile
  • Manufactured locally
  • The profile shall Mortlock lining board measuring 80×14 and the species shall be (insert species) as per sample supplied by Mortlock Timber Group.
  • The product shall be milled from the genuine species (not stained imitation wood) which is premium tight grain timber and seasoned for optimum stability.
  • The product shall be precision machined to furniture grade tolerances
  • The trim products shall be (insert product) measuring (insert dimensions) and the species and timber specifications shall be the same as above.

Colour Options


  • All timber products should be acclimatised as required onsite to ensure moisture and temperature equilibrium with the surrounding environment prior to installation.
  • The sub-frame shall be level and aligned and consist of straight line timber battens supplied by Mortlock Timber Group and installed with countersunk screws at maximum 450mm centres.
  • The product shall be installed perpendicular to the sub-frame using suitable adhesive and 25×1.2mm stainless steel brads which are secret-nailed at 450mm centres.
  • The product shall be protected as required to ensure it is not exposed to direct weather such as sun, rain or salt spray. Product shall be supplied in a raw finish, coated with a suitable exterior coating product as recommended by the installer or painter
  • The product shall be cleaned and maintained as required to avoid any accumulation of surface contaminants and to maintain the desired performance and appearance.